The Centre for Military Justice provides free, independent, expert legal services to serving or former members of the Armed Forces or their bereaved families.

We work to strengthen knowledge of the importance of the rule of law, human rights and access to justice within the Armed Forces and wider society.

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Why We Exist

People in the Armed Forces need access to free, independent, expert legal advice when dealing with serious bullying, sexual harassment, gender-based violence or other forms of discrimination, including racial discrimination.

Bereaved military families need access to expert legal support and representation when dealing with the aftermath of a service death.

The Centre for Military Justice was set up to provide these services.

We are committed to the rule of law, access to justice and human rights. We are completely independent.

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Our Services

  • Advice & Information

    You can ask us for some initial advice and information on a wide variety of topics. If we cannot help you, we aim to direct you to someone who can. Please be aware that as a tiny charity with a small part time staff and a large number of requests for help, we are not able to answer calls immediately and will ask you to leave a message and we will reply as soon as we can. We try to respond within a week. We are currently seeking funding to help us develop this service so we can help more people.

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  • Service complaints, advice to victims of crime and other casework

    We offer many forms of casework support to current or former members of the armed services, as well as their families.

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  • Strategic Litigation

    We run strategic and public interest litigation - cases that raise issues of wider public importance that have the potential to improve things for other people.

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  • Inquests

    We offer a bespoke inquest support and legal representation service for bereaved people whose loved one has died in service or in connection with the Armed Forces. We work closely with our expert friends at the charity INQUEST.

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  • Advice and solidarity with other organisations

    We advise and work with charities and other not-for-profits in the Armed Forces sector and beyond.

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  • Campaigning

    We lobby and campaign on important issues we come across through our casework.

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  • Psychological support

    We offer psychological and emotional support in appropriate cases where clients need additional help.

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