Justice for British soldiers who served in Northern Ireland

26th Sep 2023

The Guardian has today covered our client’s legal challenge to the Legacy Act. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/sep/26/family-of-dead-para-launch-legal-challenge-to-northern-ireland-legacy-legislation

Pte Tony Harrison was murdered in cold blood by the IRA. Now his family will never see justice done because the Government has closed the investigation into his killing – along with thousands of others.

There is no ‘witch-hunt’ against British soldiers who served in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. In fact there has been just ONE conviction and that soldier received a suspended sentence. It does our elderly veterans an enormous disservice to suggest otherwise and to whip up their worst fears.

But there is now a fundamental and profound injustice because every single criminal investigation, inquest, investigation into collusion and any civil claim has been brought to an abrupt end by the Legacy Act. We are aware of at least 225 other cases where the victim was a member of the armed forces – all have now closed, along with thousands of cases involving civilian victims. Pte Harrison’s family is working closely with them.

We need your help. We have set up a Crowd Funder to support the case. You can support it, here: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/fighting-impunity-in-northern-ireland/

All donations will be used to pay court fees and legal costs.  Although we will ask the court for a “costs cap” on the costs of the case, we need to raise enough money to cover-off this potential liability.  Any support however small is hugely appreciated.

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