What happened to Lance Corporal Bernard Mongan?

12th Mar 2020

The Centre for Military Justice is representing the widow of Lance Corporal Bernard Mongan.

Bernie’s body was found in his room at Catterick Garrison at the end of January 2020. His family has been told that his body had lain in his room, undiscovered, for 3 weeks before he was found. Bernie had reported being badly assaulted by two fellow soldiers at the end of 2018, and a police investigation was apparently still ongoing when he died. More generally, Bernie told his wife that he was being bullied. A press report on the case is here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/soldier-lay-dead-barracks-three-21458992 There is a huge amount of public concern – and concern within the Army – about the case.

Because Bernie was left for so long, the family does not have a cause of death yet and the Coroner has opened an inquest.

The family has many questions about how Bernie died, whether the bullying or assault had anything to do with his death and how it was that he was left in his room on barracks, alone, for so long, with no-one in the Army apparently noticing or reporting him as missing.

Bernie’s family is determined to ensure a full and fearless investigation into his death. The Centre for Military Justice is representing them.

Please support their appeal on Crowd Justice if you can. The link is here:


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